Farmworkers and their children with Christmas presents
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It's time for empowerment through awareness. Many farm working women constantly have to figure out how to feed their family, and when the kids are hungry, there is no room on the list of needs for monthly menstrual products. Not only do these women face hunger issues, but also human health issues of not being able to afford necessities required to work comfortably while bleeding.

Women farm workers face all the issues farm workers face on top of the inequalities of being women of color, on top of the responsibility of being the primary caregivers of children. Women who work in the fields are exposes to dangerous pesticides every day, causing links to infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects in babies. With these types of unjust circumstances, we must notice these women and show them a sense of community and compassion.


by Flor Martinez

Flor is an immigrants rights advocate, business woman and DACA recipient based out of San Jose, CA.

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