Farmworkers and their children with Christmas presents
What is the Mommy and Baby Care for Farm Workers program?
Program Summary

This program is dedicated to helping serve farm working mothers and families with small children. There has been a great need for diapers, formula, baby food and mommy/baby resources. Did you know expecting farm worker mothers work up until their deliver date to be able to provide food and necessities in time for their babies arrival? This program will allow us to help assist these mothers in need and/or fathers in need to provide for their babies and small children with essentials needed for healthy care for themselves and their babies.


by Flor Martinez

Flor is an immigrants rights advocate, business woman and DACA recipient based out of San Jose, CA.

Our impact in 2020

This is the impact we were able to make through the communities donations ! Thank you so much to everyone that helped in any way, by either donating, volunteering, or spreading the word via social media. We thank you all! ❤️

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