Farmworkers and their children with Christmas presents
What is the Fruits of Labor Food Bank for Farm Workers Program?
Program Summary

This food program will be ongoing all year. Helping assist our farm working families with the same fruits and vegetables they pick but can’t otherwise afford for their own families.

How you can help:

With your donations, we will be providing grocery bags filled with fruits and vegetables to assist these communities who suffer from food insecurity and sometimes have to choose between food or paying rent. It’s about time farmworkers get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Each bag will be filled with produce and other groceries to help the food insecurity problem in the farmworker communities.

Additional Details

We believe access to healthy foods is a human right. We believe the people who pick the food for the country deserve to enjoy the same fruits and vegetables of their labor.

Did you know that some farmworkers who pick the fruit and vegetables for this country aren’t able to feed their own families? The average income for farmworkers is $17,000 - $20,000, which fall BELOW poverty line of $24,300. Many of these families depended on school lunches to be able to provide for their children’s lunches. But now that school is online and school lunches are unavailable many farmworker families are at risk of hunger more than ever before.

Many farmworkers fear that receiving government assistance will compromise their immigration status and therefore don’t sign up for food assistance like food stamps or public food banks in fear of it affecting any future opportunities to maintain citizenship.
Many farmworkers live in rural areas without access or transportation to the food banks open to the general public, other issues are lack of translation services for indigenous farmworkers. Concluding that existing food assistance programs are not capable of meeting the unique needs and travel conditions of farmworkers and their families.

So how is it possible that the farmworkers that feed us and ensure we have enough food for the nation don’t have enough food for their own families? This is due to the immigration policies in place

We provide assistance in indigenous languages for families to sign up for long term and/or additional support for long term food security.

Though this program we have in place now helps with temporary food security, it is important we demand immigrant workers rights to help give these workers better living wages and more basic human rights and access to government assistance.


by Flor Martinez

Flor is an immigrants rights advocate, business woman and DACA recipient based out of San Jose, CA.

Our impact in 2020

This is the impact we were able to make through the communities donations ! Thank you so much to everyone that helped in any way, by either donating, volunteering, or spreading the word via social media. We thank you all! ❤️

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