Back toschool campaign.

success of children

Having the proper educational tools plays a crucial role in the success of children of farmworkers. This is our 3rd Annual School Supply Drive. We were first inspired to have this drive in 2020, when farm workers were enduring extreme conditions of a pandemic without protective gear or hazard pay, climate change that caused extreme heatwaves and wild fires that polluted the air with hazardous smoke while farm workers worked. During these times we went to the fields to ask farm workers how we could assist them while their essential work kept food in our grocery stores and on our tables. To our surprise California's farm workers were more concerned about the distance learning their kid were about to experience and how they needed school supplies.

Farm workers and their families

Just want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible and essential contribution farm workers make to our nation. Without them our food system would collapse and not once during the pandemic have farm workers stopped working to keep food in our grocery stores. Farm workers are historically overlooked and under served, they get called essential one day and forgotten the next. Farm workers and their families lack basic resources and nutrition. When we are not distributing school supplies we are distributing healthy nutritional food to farm worker families struggling with food insecurity.

We need your help

We need your help to be able to reach our goal and help as many students as we an reach, if you can't make a donation a simple share of this campaign is just as impactful and makes all the difference. If you want to be more hands on we also invite our supporters to do some online shopping and get the supplies delivered straight to our warehouse.

Our delivery address:

Celebration Nation, 1919 Vineburn Ave, Unit C2, Los Angeles, CA 90032

We need these items :

Coloring Pencils
Pencil Pouches
Coloring Books
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All funds will be directly deposited into 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity Celebration Nation's bank account where they will go to purchasing school supplies and paying for storage space and transportation to farm working locations in California.