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Celebrating the farm working fathers of Oxnard, CA for Father’s Day weekend. For those that sacrifice so much for their families, we thank them and honor them. We will be distributing long sleeve shirts for work, smoke-resistant masks, work backpacks for the fathers and diapers for their babies. We will be also be distributing organic veggies for their families. We are in need of volunteers! Please sign up today to make a difference in the lives of our essential workers.

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Additional Info:

This fundraiser was created by Flor Martinez, an-immigrant rights activist who herself worked as a farmworker before she qualified for DACA.
Flor has multiple contacts in the agricultural community and is able to direct these funds directly to farm supervisors by transportation vehicles to the farm sites and have distribution by volunteers.
The people benefiting from this fundraiser are farmworkers and farmworkers' children, Flor is able to distribute supplies directly to her wide set of contacts who trust her enough to show up to these farms and fields.
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Dia de los Padres / Father's Day

2 PM -


4 PM

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

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