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Event Details

We are excited to announce we are heading to Greenfield Memorial Hall, California on, March 31st, 2021. We will be providing Greenfield farmworkers with food & household essentials assistance during such difficult times in America. We will provide P&G home essentials from Hispanic Star. This distribution is to show our farmworkers the love and appreciation they deserve while helping them with mutual aid and food security.

Important Info

There will be no Walk Ups allowed only Drive Thru.


  • Food Produce
  • Home Care Essentials

What Time & Where is the Event?

March 27th
1 PM - 4 PM

Patriot Park

1351 Oak Ave
Greenfield, CA 93927
United States

Farm-workers Google Maps Event Directions Below:

Additional Info:

This fundraiser was created by Flor Martinez, an-immigrant rights activist who herself worked as a farmworker before she qualified for DACA.
Flor has multiple contacts in the agricultural community and is able to direct these funds directly to farm supervisors by transportation vehicles to the farm sites and have distribution by volunteers.
The people benefiting from this fundraiser are farmworkers and farmworkers' children, Flor is able to distribute supplies directly to her wide set of contacts who trust her enough to show up to these farms and fields.
COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgment -- Liability Waiver and Release of Claims - read more click here

Cesar Chavez Weekend Campesinos Care Distribution - Fresh Produce & Home Care

1 PM -


4 PM

Patriot Park

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